Digitization and modernization of operations

Technology is changing the business landscape.

Ever-changing market conditions, in part also resulting from the significant advances in technology, call for a flexible approach. Companies must deploy new knowledge and solutions to streamline their operations, while know-how from different industries is fused to form brand new sectors. To stay at the front of the pack, companies have to select the right strategy and, in consequence, digitize their operations.

However, as their main focus is on the core business, the companies often lack specific digital know-how for this transformation.


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Sinecon is a team of leading IT professionals and business consultants

Sinecon is a team of leading IT professionals and business consultants, having an excellent understanding of both our customers and the digital solutions market coming from our extensive experience in the field. Sinecon consults and methodically leads our clients through the digital transformation, linking them to reliable suppliers of digital products and projects. We can help you select the best digital solutions and contractors, optimise the cost of ownership and follow through on your digital projects.

Project management

We take the right approach to project management and assume responsibility for the project outcomes.

Business process digitization

Business process optimization and transformation based on the digital technologies to improve the customer journey, gain the competitive edge and employ key performance indicators for timely decision making.

Consulting for EU funding

We help you to apply for EU funding available for the digital transformation projects.

Digital strategy

Analysis of situation and needs, shaping your digital strategy, support in the specification of requirements and selection of appropriate solutions.

Consulting and mentorship

Consulting and mentorship in the fields of digital transformation, change management, lean operations and sustainable business strategy.


We streamline all phases of the sales process – Market research and product development. Generating and developing leads. Sales closing. Support in partnering with global vendors (Microsoft, SAP, Google ...) and product licensing (Microsoft).


“Iz prakse ugotavljamo, da podjetja zelo pogosto nimajo dovolj znanja niti zavedanja o tem, kako lahko digitalizacija in tehnologija pripomoreta k boljšemu poslovanju podjetij in nasploh ohranjanja njihove konkurenčnosti na trgu. Kaj šele, da bi vedela, katere rešitve so za izvajanje njihove strategije ključne.”


ustanovitelja Rok in Jakob









Jakob Kotnik in Rok Bezlaj, ustanovitelja podjetja Sinecon